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A little bit about the Incipe Cooperative

The Incipe Workers’ Cooperative

The Incipe Workers’ Cooperative is a cooperative consulting firm that specializes in political and advocacy communication, research, organisational support and development, and strategic advice. The cooperative works with nonprofit organisations, progressive associations, grassroots groups, and other co-ops on various progressive projects – in support of a better world.

The concept behind Incipe arises from two essential observations: first, there is a tremendous amount of ideas for a better world and the necessary energy to work with them in the civil society sector. Nonprofit organizations and grassroots groups work every day on the causes that they feel strongest and closest to their hearts. Advocacy groups run campaigns to bring into force the changes that they know will make a difference. Progressive organizations work every day for what they believe in. This first essential observation is the spirit and the energy behind the Incipe Workers’ Cooperative.

The second essential observation is that these groups need experience and resources in order to be the change that they wish to see in the world, and these experiences and resources – when they come from traditional consulting or strategic companies and firms – are too expensive for many such groups to afford.

This is where Incipe comes in: we are a progressive consulting firm that understands the needs and desires of our clients, and we have the experience and resources that they need – and we can offer it to them at an affordable level of cost.

The names of the big, old, expensive and, often, inherently conservative consulting firms are fairly well known. The Incipe Workers’ Cooperative is not an old and conservative consulting firm – we are different, and we are working with our clients to make a difference.

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Our connections

As a cooperative, we’re involved in the cooperative movement across the country.  Cooperatives embody the idea that there is a better way – and that’s through working together.

The Incipe Cooperative is proud to be members of: the Canadian Workers’ Cooperative Federation, the BC Cooperative Association, and the Canadian Cooperative Association. Some of our principals are members of CoopZone, a cooperative developers’ professional network that works with developers and cooperatives.