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I removed a lot of stress in my work life with one simple app

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Over the past few weeks, I noticed that my stress level had been ramping up. I wasn’t entirely certain why, because things were going well: I had been productive, I had been having lots of meetings, things had been going well.

But something clicked, as I was sending an email in response to an email in response to a whole chain of emails asking to set a meeting to talk about something. This was the issue.

Strangely, a lot of my stress comes from needing to find a way to set times to meet: you have to hold three different options, then none are available, and finally the meeting gets scheduled at a time where you have to re-arrange everything else. It’s horrifying, and inefficient.

So I found an app to help out, and I’ve honestly felt a lot less stressed about meetings as of late. Read on to hear about it. Read More