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The Power of Together: Consumer Cooperatives

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Photo courtesy the USDA

Photo courtesy the USDA

The Power of Together

There’s every chance that you’re a member of one of the most ubiquitous forms of cooperatives and don’t even know it. That’s because consumer cooperatives are everywhere – and their cooperative nature is sometimes their best-kept secret.

Here’s a test: are you a member of a credit union? Are you a member of MEC in Canada, or REI in the United States? Do you live in a housing cooperative?

Each of those kinds of cooperatives are consumer cooperatives – and they all build on what I’ll call the power of together. In other words – they build on the power of community. There’s something really powerful about building an organization on a cooperative basis, and just like I’ve so far explored the cooperative form in general, and worker co-ops and producer co-ops in detail, below, I’ll explore consumer cooperatives. Read More