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Don’t Let Robert’s Rules Rule Your Meetings

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So, social enterprise and social impact organization folks, hands up if you’ve ever had this experience: you’re in a critical or an important meeting and the discussion on the issue that must be decided gets derailed because of an argument over whether the sub-amendment can be made to the main motion and whether or not there needs to be a seconder to the friendly amendment.

What’s just happened is that you’ve crossed the rubicon between using Robert’s Rules to help guide your meeting and letting Robert’s Rules rule your meeting. This isn’t a good line to cross. Your organization’s rules of order should be flexible, with a goal of enabling good, productive discussion in order to succeed – they shouldn’t be things that derail discussions.

I’ve got some simple suggestions that you can use very quickly to make your meetings more productive, by not letting Roberts’ Rules rule your meetings. Read on for more! Read More

Make the best possible decisions with a free strategic decision template

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Making decisions can be one of the most complex things you might do as a social enterprise or nonprofit organization. And for many nonprofits and social enterprises, one of the most challenging things you can do when you’re making decisions is try to keep them strategic – keep them aligned with your strategic plan. It’s hard to do this because it’s hard to sometimes get enough distance from a really exciting opportunity to carefully analyze it for fit with your organization, fit for your strategic plan, and fit for your social purpose.

And sometimes, if you can’t make these kinds of decisions strategically, you can end up going down the wrong path, ending up in a place where you don’t want to be.

So how do you avoid this? Good news – we’ve got a completely free template you can use to analyze your decisions. Read on to learn about the template, how to use it, and links to a copy you can put to use now.  Read More