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Map your actions on our free impact/effort assessment tool

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Once you’ve built out your social enterprise or impact organization’s strategic plan, you’re faced with the challenge of figuring out which of your tasks are the most immediately impactful and that you can get out and start working on. The idea of picking some goals off of your strategic plan and running with them is exciting – exhilarating even! – but it can be super, super tough. Which opportunities do you run with first? Which ones will allow you to demonstrate impact, quickly?

We’ve got a couple of solutions for you that we’re happy to share. Today, I want to share our free Impact/Effort Assessment tool – read on for more, and how to put it to use in your organization.  Read More

How are you going to fund your social enterprise or nonprofit?

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So you’ve decided you’re going to build a social enterprise or nonprofit organization. You’ve developed your goals around the value and impact you want to make with your organization. You’re getting a team together, and you’re jazzed up. It’s time to launch and make that impact!

Wait a second. Have you thought about the capital you’re going to need to launch your organization? Where will the initial funds come from that will cover your operational expenses?

This question might puzzle you. If so, you need to read on – so that your project isn’t a disaster from the outset. Read More

Diversity makes social enterprise stronger

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For many social enterprises and membership organizations, this time of the year means it’s prep time for annual general meetings and – for many groups – elections of boards of directors. These annual elections are crucial for your organization’s success, because you want to have the best people you can have in leadership positions to help your social enterprise, nonprofit, or membership organization succeed.

While organizations have different strategies to recruiting and selecting candidates for leadership, we want to share with you one strategy that can be demonstrated to generate success: diversity on your board. So, as you enter into the 2016 board recruitment adventure, think diversity. Read More

Strategic planning – find your path to social enterprise success

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It’s January – that fresh beginning to the new calendar year – and for many organizations, it’s also time to start up their strategic planning processes. Strategic planning can be incredibly powerful and catalyzing for social impact organizations and nonprofits – or it can be a chore that you endure.

We don’t want that second option. We want strategic planning to help you find a path to social enterprise success. If you want that for your organization, we’d be thrilled to help you out. We’ve got some tips and tricks we love to share about strategic planning, and I want to share some here. Read More

Intent matters in social enterprise

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I’ve been writing a lot about the sharing economy and social enterprise lately – mostly to encourage us to change our use of the term ‘sharing economy,’ or to comment on interesting government interventions in the space. Given that I’ve been relatively critical, I think it’s time to put forward a (short) positive vision of social enterprise.

In short, I think we can really build something positive with social enterprise. But we need to focus our efforts on consciously designing organizations and businesses that put social impact first – and that build social capital, connections, and communities. And how we intend to do that really matters.

How? Let’s get at it. Read More

The term “sharing economy” needs to go away

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It’s a term that is all the rage – the “sharing economy.” It’s right up there with “collaborative consumption” and other flashy terms that seem to be symbolizing a new economy. Unfortunately, it’s also a term that needs to go away if we’re to build a truly new economy that isn’t exploitative, that isn’t based on privately accumulating wealth at the detriment to others, and that is instead based on building up our neighbours and our communities. Read More

A Cooperative BC Budget: Our Budget 2013 Submisison

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BURNABY – October 16, 2012 – The Incipe Workers’ Cooperative, a strategic consulting and communications firm incorporated as a workers’ cooperative in BC, provided an in-depth submission to the BC Legislature’s Finance and Government Services committee today, as part of the Budget 2013 consultation process.

“Our submission calls on the BC government to do what they can to make budget 2013 a cooperative budget,” said Incipe principal Kevin Harding. “Cooperative enterprises are building a better world, they’re meeting needs in communities across BC, and they’re providing work for many BC workers. The next BC budget must support cooperatives.”

The Incipe Cooperative’s budget submission includes a number of common-sense suggestions on how the BC Budget can support cooperative development, including ensuring that small business support services run by the BC government include information on cooperatives and their benefits, that government should support research into and sharing knowledge of cooperatives, and a call on government to consider cooperative service provision instead of privatization.

“We hope that both sides of the legislature, both government and opposition, look over our suggestions and see just how important cooperatives and credit unions are to BC’s economy and make the next budget a cooperative one,” said Harding.

The Incipe Cooperative’s budget submission can be read here.

The Incipe Workers’ Cooperative is a consulting co-op firm specialising in research, strategic and communications advice, and organisational support and development for nonprofit, grassroots and community groups, and other cooperatives. 

Contact: Kevin Harding – kevin.harding@incipe.ca or 604.435.3399

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