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Social enterprises should be creating jobs for women, people of colour, and youth

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The International Labour Office recently released a report that showed that young people and women face some terrific barriers to employment. This isn’t good – barriers to employment entrench divisions based on gender and age and build increasingly unequal societies.

This doesn’t need to be the case – and I think that social enterprises, nonprofits, and other cause-based organizations are uniquely positioned to create jobs for women, people of colour, and youth. We’re positioned to make impacts in society, and this is an impact that needs to be made. Read More

Social impact: it’s what your next biggest demographic wants

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There’s much that’s been said and written about millenials – that demographic cohort that followed Generation X and has been roughly defined as being born sometime from the 1980s to the 2000s – but what is incontrovertible is that they are the next biggest market for any business, nonprofit organization, or social enterprise. Which is where Deloitte’s Millenial Surveys come in useful. And what’s interesting is that the surveys indicate that the vast majority of millenials want business success to be defined by more than just profits – instead, they want it defined by values and by social impact. Read More

Benefit your startup by doing more than just “aligning” with a cause

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Paul Polizzotto on Entrepreneur.com has an interesting post. He suggests there’s 4 ways your startup can benefit by aligning with a cause. We’d suggest that you can benefit more than just your startup if you go beyond and make a cause your own. Or go further: benefit society by building a social purpose into your startup. Read More