Co-op development

We help co-ops build a better world.

Build a co-op and build a better world. We’ll help you do it.

You want to build a better world through social enterprise and you’re not sure how to do it? Think co-op. Co-ops are powerful organizations built on the strengths of their members – and they’re the first social enterprise, focused on people before profits.
The Cooperative Structure is StrongThe easiest way to think of a co-op is to think of people connected by a common purpose meeting that need through a co-operative method. If you think about a food co-op, you’re thinking about consumers who want access to wholesome and healthy food and the get that by selling good food. Co-ops build a better world. There’s no doubt about it.

Create something co-operative.

If you have a group of people connect through a common purpose that want to make something magical happen with a co-op, we’re here to help. Our consultants will help you navigate the various stages of co-op development: we’ll help facilitate your group planning, work with you as you prepare for incorporation and get legally started, go through your planning processes with you, and help you launch on a path to success.

We get co-ops.

We get co-ops so much because we are one. We’re workers united by a desire to work with social impact organizations and co-ops, and we know that our strengths are so much more powerful when we’re put together. And we put that power to work for you.

You’ve dared to imagine. Now dare to begin.

Let's get started.

We help you start co-operating

Starting a co-op is a challenge – and it’s a rewarding one that makes a difference in your community. We can help you start co-operating by:

  • Helping you assess your idea and its fit with the co-op model
  • Evaluating ideas and exploring potential co-op designs
  • Conducting feasibility studies and business planning
  • Market research and outreach
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Success planning
  • Facilitate the planning of your co-op, and its official incorporation
  • Introduce you to the co-op sector, and help you explore potential funding sources

We can help you grow your co-op

Once you’ve got your co-op started, the fun starts – grow your membership, grow your business, grow your impact. We can help with:

  • Potential member outreach and growing your member base
  • Engaging your existing members and making them ambassadors
  • Connecting with other co-ops and social impact businesses
  • Evaluating and exploring new ideas for your co-op
  • And more

We can help your co-op succeed

We can work with you to plan for co-operative success. We’ll help by:

  • Keeping you aware of best practices for success
  • Training your Board and your management in operating a co-op
  • Keeping your members engaged and your co-op connected to its members
  • Implementation of your business plan
  • Strategic planning and follow-through
  • Strategic advice for when you’re contemplating key decisions
  • And more