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Being connected to other social impact leaders is empowering

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I think that we all know that connections with other people are powerful – they form a social fabric in which we exist, and they can build a network that we can rely on for inspiration, action, and support. I think this is why I’m already intensely enjoying my experience in the RADIUS SFU Fellowship in Radical Doing – that connection to other leaders and emerging leaders who are doing amazing things. As an introverted person, I’m normally not at my best when I’m in a big crowd – but this crowd is full of amazing people.

This experience leads me to think that a special kind of connection – of networking, if you will – could be very valuable for social impact leaders.  Read More

Diversity makes social enterprise stronger

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For many social enterprises and membership organizations, this time of the year means it’s prep time for annual general meetings and – for many groups – elections of boards of directors. These annual elections are crucial for your organization’s success, because you want to have the best people you can have in leadership positions to help your social enterprise, nonprofit, or membership organization succeed.

While organizations have different strategies to recruiting and selecting candidates for leadership, we want to share with you one strategy that can be demonstrated to generate success: diversity on your board. So, as you enter into the 2016 board recruitment adventure, think diversity. Read More