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We’re launching something exciting

This is a bit of an odd blog post – I’m super excited to tell you about something cool that the Incipe Cooperative is launching because I think it’s going to change our game about how we help social enterprises and social impact organizations grow and expand the difference they make in their communities. However, we’re still putting the finishing touches on our new project – and awaiting some approvals to really get it ready to launch.

But, there’s some that I can tell you. It all ties into our goal to support the vibrant culture of social impact that we see arising in BC, across Canada, and around the world – a vibrant community of changemakers working towards exciting projects.

So, the big news – we’ve incorporated a subsidiary company that we’re thrilled to call Vibrant Social Impact Ventures CCC Ltd. We’ve got some really cool, big plans for Vibrant SI, and we really look forward to sharing them with you.

Without putting too many details forward, I can share a little bit of what we plan on doing with Vibrant SI:

  • Work on ways to put crowdfunding to work for social impact organizations and social enterprise. We’ve written a few times about how funding your startup social enterprise is crucial for success (here), and pondered the potential impacts of crowdfunding on purpose (here and here). We’re excited about finding ways to build a foundation of impact and help groups really succeed – and we’re looking forward to putting it to work for social impact. We still are running a survey on crowdfunding – make sure you take part here.
  • Bring together people who want to invest in social impact. There’s a really cool group of people out there who want to find ways to invest in social impact. In some cases, it’s people who have been convinced of the power of the idea of social enterprise. In other cases, it’s groups like unions or community groups who want to put their assets to work to support their members. We’re planning on building capacity in our networks to do this kind of work, and we’re thrilled to be doing this.

There’s some cool things about this launch – one, we’re thrilled to be launching a community contribution company. Incipe is a co-op, and we’re made up of some awesome individuals who come together to put our skills and capacities to work to support social impact organizations. Part of being a co-op is commitment to principles, and when we thought about launching a subsidiary organization, a community contribution company was a great way to go.

In case you don’t know, a community contribution company in BC is required, by law, to dedicate 60% of its profits to a community purpose – and our community purpose is supporting social impact organizations. 40% of our revenues can go to shareholders – and this is something we’re looking forward to leveraging in the future, by bringing together impact investors. More information to come!

We’ll be sharing more super-awesome and exciting details about this in the near future, but I just couldn’t keep this under wraps for too long.

About Kevin Harding

Kevin Harding is a principal of the Incipe Cooperative, and is a volunteer board member of the Art for Impact Society. He has worked in the nonprofit, public, and cooperative sector for some time, and has a passion for working with coops, nonprofits, and advocacy groups that want to make a better world. A coop developer, he strongly believes that cooperatives can build a better world.

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